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2014-12-30 8:53:45

Product discription:

1. Size: 20mesh-1250mesh

2.Hardness: 2-3.5   gravity: 2.7-35

3.Volume density: 280kg/m3 proportion: 0.28 g/cm3

4.Type: Mica powder and  mica flake

5.Chemical property:

Element Data for Reference
ElementSiO2Al2O3 K2OFe2O3CaONa2OMgOH2O

The Main Use and Functions:

Mica can be used in paint and coating to reduce the damage of ultraviolet rays or other light and heat damage to the paint film, promote coating acid and alkali and insulation, and to strengthen its durability ,freezing resistance corrosion resistance, water resistance etc.

It helps to strengthen the adherence to the layer, improve its intensity, brightness, tenacity and compaction. As a result ,it is conducive to reduce the ventilation ,to prevent speckle and chaps as well as reduce sediment in the paint.

As a prior filler in paint, mica powder can be used to substitute some expensive raw materials in the paint so as to reduce the production cost.

1) Mica powder is also the basic raw material for mica ceramics products.

2)Mica powder can be applied in protecting layer of welding rods, conducting wires and electric cables.

3)It can be use as suspended substance in fire-fighting dry powder.

4)It can be taken as a filler , a shelter, a lubricating substance, a drawing of patterns in plastics, rubber, asbestos products and sealing materials.

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