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2015-1-12 16:46:33


Negative ion powder can purify air, eliminate tireness of body and prompt body health. In addition, it also has functions of bacterium resistant and degerming. Negative ion powder has good property of deodorization. It can be used in fibre, coating, paint, etc.

2.Main use and properties:

1)As to water cluster turns small, it can permeate cell membrane easily. It can prompt cytoactive and body immunity.

2)Negative ion powder can eliminate peculiar smell and residual chlorine in water, perish harmful substance and carcinogen.

3)Makes water quality alkalescence, which is good to prompt acid-base balance and nutrient balance.

4)The conductivity of negative ion powder is superior, oxidation-reduction potential is low, which promotes better digestion, prevents ageing, it does good to long life.

5)Product functions and characteristcs remain unchanged under any condition of sunshine, temperature and pressure. It is suitable to be used in drinking water treatment and bath water treatment.

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