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calcined kaolin

2015-1-6 13:00:16

(1) The main composition is kaolinite, Content of about 90% or so, Particle size less than 22 m.(2) Kaolin easy to disperse in water or other liquids, have satiny feeling, earthy taste. The Density is 2.54-2.60 g/cm3,melting point about 1785°C.(3) Kaolin including calcined and no calcined. Calcined kaolin clay has advantages of high brightness, low impurity and strong chemical inertia, and easy to disperse in water and oil based structure.
2.The feature of kaolin
Associative, viscosity and contact degeneration, drying performance, sinterability, firing shrinkage, refractoriness, Suspension property and dispersion, adsorption and commutativity, chemical stability, electronic insulativity.
(1)Kaolin widely used in ceramics, glass, paper, rubber, daily chemical industry, agriculture and so on.
(2)Calcined kaolin clay is mainly used for manufacturing high-quality refractory products, refractory castable, sagger, kiln furniture, crucibles, ceramic fiber, precision casting sand, ceramics products, etc.

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