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2015-1-12 16:59:09


1.Product namecolor sand                                                              
2.Raw material granite , marble , stone
3.colorswhite , black , yellow , brown , pink , orange ect
4. usageit is used in paint , epoxy flooring coating , decoration ect
5.size10-20 mesh , 20-40mesh , 40-60 mesh ,60-80mesh ect
6.Packing25kg/bag or 500kg/bag
7. technical   natural and articial

Product Feature:

1) The sand has wear-resisting, waterproof, anti-corrosion, non-toxic, cohesive force strong color gorgeous, etc.

2) Natural color and luster is even.

3) Natural color sand production advanced spray coating, is non-toxic, tasteless, bright luster, tonal downy, stereo sense is strong etc.

4) Multicolored laid ground, pavement can rise to beautify the environment, health care the action of the body.

5) Dyed color is low carbon and environmental protection.

6) There are plenty of natural resources base on local quarry.

7)Top quality ,low price.

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