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The performance of zeolite ion exchange

2015-1-7 8:49:07

Combined with K+, Na+, Ca2+ and other cations and crystallization of zeolite framework is not very close, with the nature of the reversible exchange with other cations in aqueous solution. After the exchange of the zeolite lattice structure has not been destroyed, only the electric field, the crystal structure of some internal changes specific surface area by ion exchange.

The exchange capacity of zeolite ion size and zeolite species, but also with the aperture silicon aluminum ratio, zeolite lattice size, location and nature of channel dredging, cation and related factors in exchange process temperature, pressure, ion concentration and pH value etc.. The natural zeolite pretreatment, such as high temperature heating, the zeolite pores of the open, increasing its surface area, then the Sodium Chloride Solution soaking, can improve the adsorption and ion exchange capacity.

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