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Influence of Sepiolite fiber on the properties of thermal insulation materials

2014-12-30 11:45:04

Performance engineering is often added to many additives to improve the thermal insulation materials, insulation materials and improve construction quality, Sepiolite fiber is a kind of commonly used additives.

A few Sepiolite fibers had little effect on thermal conductivity, no Sepiolite fiber thermal conductivity of 0.078W/m.K, Sepiolite fiber content is 6% heat conduction coefficient increases as the 0.079W/m.K, but when the content is greater than 6%, coefficient of thermal conductivity increase more. This is because the Sepiolite fiber content is too large, the new mix slurry fluidity drop too much, lead glazed hollow bead in the mixing process is easy to break, the inorganic insulation volume shrinkage of mortar, closed void reduced, thus the heat conduction coefficient. Fig. 6 a figure 8 visible, insulation materials, compressive and flexural strength and bond strength are increased with the increase of content of Sepiolite fiber, Sepiolite fiber and the enhancement of the flexural strength and bond strength than good compressive strength, when the Sepiolite fiber content is 2% flexural strength increased by 33.9%, bond strength increased by 9.1%, and the compressive strength was increased by 2.9%, when the content is 6%, the flexural strength increased by 62.3%, the compressive strength increased by 18.2%. This is because the Sepiolite fiber can be mixed and disorderly dispersed in the heat preservation material, to play the role of "framework" support, increase the flexural strength and bond strength of insulation material compressive strength, fiber into flexural and bond strength of the effect is particularly obvious, which can obviously improve the crack resistance of insulation materials.

In construction, the additive quantity is small but significant effect on the material, the use of appropriate additive to improve the construction quality can achieve a multiplier effect.

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