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What is the role of zeolite and bentonite respective feed

2015-1-7 9:01:17

Zeolite powder was milled natural zeolite rock formed, color is white. It contains aquatic animal growth and development all the necessary elements and trace elements. These elements are present in ion state, can be used for aquatic animal. In addition, zeolite also with adsorption, catalysis, ion unique exchange, ion selectivity, acid resistance, thermal stability, multi component and high biological activity and resistance etc.. The zeolite cavities and channels of cation selective ion exchange properties and strong. The animal can be harmful heavy metal ions and cyanide away. The metal ion is released. Can remove ammonia nitrogen 95%, water purification, alleviate the water transfer phenomenon. The bentonite used as animal feed additives is the main use of the adsorption, swelling, dispersing and lubricity additives, can be mixed evenly, can improve the palatability of feed and improve feed is loose, and can delay the animal feed through the digestive tract of time, strengthen feed in the digestive tract digestion and absorption, and heavy metals, the digestive tract of harmful gases, bacteria have a strong role in the adsorption, which play a role in health care for the animal. The bentonite is an alkaline substance, can neutralize the acid in the digestive tract played a buffer role in animal digestive tract, and enhance animal appetite.

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