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Effect of zeolite clinoptilolite powder in aquaculture mechanism

2015-1-7 9:04:26

Zeolite clinoptilolite powder in aquaculture mechanism: zeolite clinoptilolite powder has a unique cavity structure caused by the specific surface area of up to 1000m2/g, so it has good adsorption, adsorption of water ammonia nitrogen, nitrite, hydrogen sulfide and other harmful substances, is one of the excellent preparation quality of water and sediment is improved; at the same time, zeolite clinoptilolite powder can increase the water dissolved oxygen, dissolved oxygen in the water environment improvement; ion exchange function of zeolite clinoptilolite powder can release mineral elements, is conducive to the shrimp and algae growth; zeolite clinoptilolite powder is added to the feed, can adsorb intestinal ammonia and other toxins, long-term to prevent fish bacterial septicemia and metabolic diseases effectively.

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