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Sepiolite clay and its application

2015-1-7 9:18:14

Sepiolite clay unique physical and chemical properties, as early as in a few hundred years ago the Spanish people use it to purify wine, at the beginning of the eighteenth Century Hungarian made pipe; the middle of the nineteenth Century, and is used in ceramics manufacturing. Now, hold the sea clay has been widely used in industry and agriculture, and was considered to be non metallic mineral multipurpose very potential. Sepiolite resources in the world distribution is extremely limited, so far, sepiolite ore reserves are the world's proven only about 22000000 tons, the main production of state-owned Spain, USA, Soviet Union, on its ear, Senegal, Somalia, Kenny, Greece, Japan and other countries. The Spanish is the most abundant sepiolite resources, reserves of up to 2... Million tons, accounting for 90% of world reserves, annual sales of 200000 "heart our sepiolite lining, soil access a bi discovered in 1947 in Jiangxi dry cattle along the ridge. Then in the sixty's and in the Shaanxi's County, Hubei) a Ji, Qi out of Sichuan, Anhui gold pepper, Henan Lushi and Inner Mongolia Baiyunebo and other places have found that sepiolite clay, but these sepiolite blight are hydrothermal veinlike, general, industrial deposit to do not form has exploitation value. In 1982 the first find! Found large sedimentary sepiolite deposits in Western Leping and Jiangsu Ting Yutai, soon in Hunan Liuyang Yonghe found that sepiolite deposits J 'more large-scale neritic sedimentary. Rice has in North Jiangxi, Jiangxi, Hunan and Hunan northeast found in the same type of sea he ore deposit.

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