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Exterior insulation additive fibrous Sepiolite

2015-1-7 9:19:45

Sepiolite is mainly produced in the contact zone of granite and dolomite dolomite fractured ore, white, gray white is fibrous, massive, silky luster, light weight, strong water absorption. With high grade, staple length, silk luster, shrinkage of paper, good plasticity, high stability, and can be widely used in refractory industry, is the main raw material, environmental protection type insulation inorganic fiber thermal insulating products.

Sepiolite has the advantages of light weight, fire prevention, moisture resistance, sound insulation, heat insulation, non-toxic, tasteless natural green product characteristics, widely used in architecture, and has been to Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Southeast Asia etc countries export.

According to relevant statistics, sepiolite uses up to more than 130 kinds of mineral raw materials, to become one of the world's most versatile.

Materials and mortar in the role of fibrous sepiolite in external thermal insulation is:

1, can be very good to improve crack resistance, impermeability, impact resistance of mortar.

2, the ability to maintain moisture loss is very strong.

3, can be very good to improve mortar construction operation.

4, in addition, meerschaum hair and good insulation performance, is the raw material of insulation material. To improve the capability of heat preservation material.

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